Today I and Lyn Around would like to share you the 3 best ways to spend Christmas this year.

LOCATION: Siam Square, St Regist, Central World

The best thing about New Year is like we press the ‘restart’ button and add the fire in our heart. We are so passionate at the beginning of the year and come up with many New Year Resolution, which is great! Today I want to help you guys stick to the goal

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Happy New Year! Every year at the beginning of the year I always reflect on that happened in the previous year. So in good occasion of starting New Year, I would like to share the best moment in 2016 in case you miss anything ;)

LOCATION: Stellar World

Music has always been a part of me. It’s with me in every moment in the day, 24/7. I’m not quite sure how to word this properly but it could make me escape to the another world..

LOCATION: Stellar World

I have been to Bangkok over 2 months now. But I was surprised that there are still many pictures and stories from l the States that waiting to tell you. I mean the street in LA is too pretty not to stop by to take some photo!

LOCATION: Beverly Hills, LA

7 posh white looks that I cant stop wearing right now.

LOCATION: Stellar Tips

Discover this strange abandoned motel turn all white?! Where is this place? What could it be?!

LOCATION: Bates Motel, LA

It's Coachella weekend! if you still not sure what to wear? No Worries! Here are 10 simple last-minute Coachella looks that can turn you into desert queen!

LOCATION: Coachella, USA




Happy New Year! How to stay fresh and passionate throughout a whole 2016...

LOCATION: Satorn District, BANGKOK

Happy holiday guys! Most of you guy are probably officially a holiday break right now!


The breakthrough only happens when you can overcome and step outside your comfort zone





An afternoon spent reading under the big tree in the beautiful garden. Under the big blue sky where sunshine kisses the skin

LOCATION: lumpini park, BANGKOK

Productivity isn’t about being workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil… It’s more about priorities, planning, and fiercely protecting your time.


Sometimes when nothing goes right, you go left

LOCATION: Central World Skywalk, BANGKOK

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Don’t be afraid to take a first step, and let the experience be your guide. My name is Pupe, I started Stellar Balcony ...

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